Friday, September 28, 2012

One direction sex story

It's a Saturday night in London around 10 ish, I'm at a gay bar just having a drink when suddenly 5 young cute guys walked in and up to the bar, when I realized it was one direction, Harry ( the cutest in my opinion ) asked the batman for 5 vodkas, he proceeded to get his wallet out when I said " don't worry I'll pay for them " they all looked in my direction ".
Oh sorry I'm Paul " the barman arrived back with the 5 vodkas when Liam said " why don't you come and join us seeing as you paid " we walked with our drinks to a little table in the corner of the bar , " so " I said breaking the silence, " how come your in a gay bar , " well it's the only place we can get a bit of piece away from all those screaming girls, louis said, I just smiled another 2 hours passed, (during this time I have been volunteering to keep buying their drinks, ( vodka ) and now they are verry drunk.
Harry starts kissing Liam, I'm shocked at this seeing as I thought they were straight, and it wasn't just a peck on the lips, it was a snog, with tongue and everything, Louis then turned to me, put his hands around my neck, and pulled me in for a snog, our tongues touched as we kissed transferring our saliva into eachothers mouths he tasted so much like vodka.
I glanced at the other 2 and they were doing the same, I broke the kiss from Louis and said " how about we all go back to mine " they all nodded, an hour passed and we arrived at my home, before I could even shut my appartment door, harry has pushed me against the wall, and has started 'worshiping' me, his soft red lips kissed and sucked my neck, then he looked at me and let his tongue lick all around my face.
I was getting horny. I shut the door with my foot and started taking his top of, to reveal a nice tanned six pack, I bent down and kissed/licked all around his hot stomach, by now louis and Liam were stripping each other down as were the other 2, I took my shirt of, for him to again lick with his tongue my stomach leaving saliva all around it, I started feeling his dick, it was big.
I slowly undid his belt pulled his trousers and boxers down to reveal a very hairy, white, cut dick it was about 7 inches, I enveloped my mouth around it and started pumping, "oh my fucking god Paul" he said in pleasure I carried on sucking when I said " now it's my turn" he eagerly undid my belt, pulled my trousers and boxers to reveal my 10 inch uncut dick, " wow, Paul this is the biggest dick iv ever seen even bigger than Louis" I smiled and pushed his head down.
He tried to impress me by seeing if he could deep throat my manhood, he could not he continued to suck for another 5 mins when I said "round up the others, and we will all go into my room, and have sex" I ran into my room layed on the bed ready, when all 5 boys from one direction walked drunk, and naked into my room, " now boys Harrys first " I said Harry jumped on my bed and slowly inserted his 7 inch dick into my ass " fuck that's nice " I said the other 4 just kissed each other while they waited.

" Harry cum in my ass " I shouted he slowly cummed into my ass, when I turned over and put my 10 inch into his hairy ass, " argggghhh" he screamed I continued fucking him, after 10 mins I ejaculated into his mouth and demanded him to swallow, he did, I did the same with the other 4 and now it's about 3.30 am Liam cummed in my mouth, and I demanded them to all kiss me at once, Liams cum, when it came back to me, it was mostly all the boys saliva mixed together, I then toled them to all look into my eyes, I then clicked my fingers and said " sleep " all 5 boys fell to the floor in a crumpled heap
I carried each one of them to the sofas and other beds what I had in the apartment, apart from Harry who I put into my bed to sleep with me, morning came I woke up really early and put all there cloths in the right order and folded them up and made sure they were next to each boy when they woke, harry was the first and could not remember anything from the previous night I told him you all knocked on my apartment door as all the hotels were full.
He just said ok, a few hours passed and now all the boys were up dressed washed and had breakfast, as they started to leave they all said thanks, Harry was the last one out, and strangely kissed me on the lips and said " thanks for last night it was the best fun iv ever had" making me question is harry styles really gay ?

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