Friday, November 9, 2012

Justin Bieber and Liam Payne: Part 3

Justin got on his knees next to the hobbled boy, and pulled Liam's shorts off over the cast, tossing the pants in the floor. Justin eyed the young man's cock and balls. Liam was still hard. Justin estimated Liam's dick to be about six inches long at full erection, which was about four inches shorter than Justin's own cock when he was hard. Justin was packing a ten inch dick. Most of the boys Justin had slept with didn't have cocks as big as his own. But Justin prided himself on his monster cock. He liked to fuck boys and hear them scream because he was so big it was almost too much for them to handle. He got off on boys telling him "It's too big!"Justin laid down on his side, next to Liam's crotch and started to feel of his host's genitals. Liam sat up on his elbows to watch Justin fondle his manhood.
"Oh, God!" Liam said. "I'm so horny!"
"I can see that," Justin said. "I'll help you out."
Justin started by running his left hand down between Liam's legs, and feeling Liam's balls, which hung loose. Liam did have nice big balls. Justin would pay special attention to them shortly. Justin then petted Liam's thick golden bush, running his hand back-and-forth in the curly blonde pubic hair. Liam laid flat again, preparing for what he knew would be coming next. Justin would be stroking his cock! I have never seen such light-colored pubes before, Justin thought. Liam's pubic hair was so blonde, the hairs was almost bright yellow. Despite having brown hair, Justin's own pubes were stark black, and so were his boyfriend Niall's. Justin liked natural boys that let their pubes grow. Liam had a full bush! And it was so soft and curly. Justin started to pull on the blonde pubic hair and lick it. Liam could feel Justin's hot breath so close to his rigid dick! Please, suck me, Liam thought. It had been so long since Liam had been with another guy. Justin spent several minutes bathing Liam's crotch hair with his tongue, then he turned his attention to his balls and cock. Justin slid down between Liam's legs and buried his face in the young man's thighs, licking the crevice between Liam's leg and crotch. Oh, it feels so good, Liam thought, biting his lower lip. And it did. Justin knew how to pleasure a guy.Then, Justin turned his attention to Liam's hairy balls, sucking each testicle individually through the skin of the nut-sack. Liam yelped with pleasure as Justin used his mouth to make love to Liam's nuts. Nobody had ever worked on Liam Payne's ball-sack like that before! Nobody! Liam put his hands over his face in ecstasy. He had never felt anything like it. It was pure Heaven! And suddenly, without warning, Liam felt his rock-hard cock enveloped in warm wetness and looked down. Justin was sucking the helmet-head of his six incher! Liam bucked on the bed, thrusting his pelvis as Justin sucked the most sensitive part of his whole body. He reached over his head and grabbed the wooden head-board of the bed to brace himself as Justin sucked him off. Justin was deep-throating Liam's hard-on now! And as Justin worked on his cock, Liam felt the pressure growing inside his penis. He felt his nuts tightening. He felt a tingling sensation growing stronger in his dick-head. He started to breathe harder.He was going to cum, but just when he thought he was getting close to shooting his creamy load, Justin stopped sucking. What the...? Liam looked down at his pulsating dick, glistening with pre-cum and Justin's saliva. Justin stood up and stripped off his own jeans and underwear. Liam could see Justin's huge cock, dangling limp under a very curly black bush of pubic hair. Justin's body was beautiful...lean, toned and sexy. Justin's cock looked bigger limp than Liam's did erect! He must be nine or ten inches when he's hard, Liam thought, and felt himself blushing. Justin pulled some string out of Liam's sneakers that were lying on the floor next to the bed. "We are gonna play a game," Justin said.
"What's the shoe-string for?" Liam asked.
"This is just to keep you from trying to help me," Justin told the young man lying on the bed. 
With that, Justin quickly tied the two shoe-strings together and bound both of Liam's hands to the wooden bed posts over his head. Liam tested the strings, and it was strong enough to keep him from moving his arms."I was in scouts," Justin joked and laid down on the bed next to Liam again, but this time he positioned himself so that his crotch and legs were up near Liam's chest and head. Liam eyed Justin's large limp cock, hanging there untouched while Justin started to suck on Liam's raging boner again. Liam yearned to suck Justin's big monster dick, but since he was tied to the bed posts, he couldn't get to it."I want to suck you!" Liam said, pleadingly.
Justin laughed. "You can look, but you can't touch. I have a boyfriend. That is why I bound your hands. I'm off limits."
"But...but...!" Liam protested.
However, Justin ignored the tied boy's pleas and kept sucking Liam's erection. Liam gave up and laid back to enjoy the blowjob. Justin worked on Liam for about twenty more minutes, edging him to climax, but backing off and letting him calm down. Then Justin would work over the young man's cock all over again.
"Please, let me cum!" Liam begged.
"Okay," Justin said, finally, with a giggle. "I guess I can."
Using his left hand, Justin started to pump Liam's six inch cock hard and fast, still licking the head from time-to-time. Liam was writhing with pleasure as he neared climax for about the forth time that afternoon. It was going to feel so good to get that release. Finally, Liam shot his load of creamy man-juice all over himself, the jizz flowing like white hot lava down the sides of his stiff penis, coating his yellow pubes and stomach. It was an explosive orgasm. Justin had worked him up good with all that edging. It was the most intense orgasm he'd ever had!"Did that feel good?" Justin asked.
"Oh, yes!" Liam replied, breathless, still trembling all over.
"Well, this won't," Justin said. And with that, Justin started to suck Liam's overly sensitive helmet head.
Liam bucked and writhed and tried to get free of the shoe-strings that were knotted just well enough to keep him held in place, but it was no use. Liam screamed and giggled as Justin tortured his sensitive dickhead. Justin then rubbed his palm over the head and stroked it repeatedly.
"Why?! Stop!" Liam pleaded. "I can't take this shit!"
"This is for turning me on when I already have boyfriend," Justin said, with a laugh.
"I'm fuckin' sorry!" Liam said, with desperation. 
Justin stopped rubbing Liam's sensitive cock and let it go limp. Then, Justin started licking up all the cum off of Liam's quivering body. He lapped white cream out of Liam's golden bush and off of his stomach. Justin sucked cum out of Liam's belly button and then licked around inside the naval, drawing squeaky giggles out of the bound boy. "You are ticklish, aren't you?" Justin said, and started to tickled Liam's armpits. Liam was kicking his good leg and laughing but couldn't get away. Justin tickled the boy's whole torso, then stopped suddenly.
"I gotta finish the yard," Justin said, sober all at once. 
Justin untied Liam's wrists from the headboard, grabbed his jeans and shoes, then left the room quickly. Liam sat up on the bed. What just happened? Liam had mixed feelings about the encounter with Justin. He felt good and excited in one way, but used and abused in another. He looked at his now-limp penis, hanging between his legs, his pubes wet with saliva and dripping with his own cum. He rubbed his hand through his pubes and felt the cum, then brought a sample of cum to his lips to taste it. No matter what, he would never forget what he just experienced as long as he lived.Justin hurried down the stairs. He still tasted cum in his mouth. He loved that taste. He licked his lips. He was proud of himself. Justin had dominated Liam and loved every minute of it. It made him feel like a real man. I didn't even get a hard-on this time, Justin thought, looking down at his still-limp cock hanging large between his skinny boyish legs. Justin stopped at the foot of the stairs, and hurriedly pulled on his boxer-briefs and skinny jeans. He put his feet in his shoes, tied them up and looked around the interior of the Payne's nice home. I will never come back here again, he thought. Fuck mowing this yard. Justin knew he wouldn't want to come back and face Liam ever again. So, he went out the front door, closed it behind him, returned the riding lawn-mower to the garage, climbed into his truck, and left the Payne's house, leaving the big yard unfinished. But one thing he had finished was making Liam Payne cum, and that was payment enough. As he drove down the street, rain drops started to splatter on the windshield, running down the glass. Justin smiled. It reminded him of the cum that exploded out of Liam Payne only moments earlier.

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